Those Who Hold The Pen

Hold the Power. -Maureen Muldoon

Welcome to our community blog where we host stories and insights from all our brilliant members.  We are so happy that you found your way to SpeakEasy and we hope to see you in some of our amazing classes and events. If you have a story or insight to share, we would love to share it in our blog. 

Love, Maur

Posed for Prosperity

QUESTION: Maureen, recently you posted, “If Love (God) is your goal you can not fail. There is no lack in God.” This really touched/triggered me. If this statement is true – and a part of me knows it is – which part of me, does do not believe in?

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Meditation Tips For Beginners

1. Create a Sacred Space Yes, ultimately you will want to be able to meditate where ever you are and whatever the circumstances and as you build your practice this will be more possible.

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a spiritual community

We are devoted to the Divine Mother and A Course in Miracles. We honor all paths to God, and ask that you don’t leave your beliefs, brains, or background at the door.