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Maureen, recently you posted, “If Love (God) is your goal you can not fail. There is no lack in God.” This really touched/triggered me. If this statement is true – and a part of me knows it is – which part of me, does do not believe in? Cause I am experiencing abundance in many aspects of my life, but in money…, I am THE scarcity queen!


Dear Manifestation Maven, first off be careful what you claim for yourself. It is not as important to try and figure out and name the part of you that does not know the abundance of God. Haven’t we been romancing that problem long enough? It would be more beneficial to focus, as you are doing, on the abundance of your life. If you are able to manifest in one area, you are able to manifest in all areas. One thing that might be in the way is a “special altar” The places that you are abundant are more likely to feel “normal” as in “it’s easy to have lots of clients or friends or shoes”…. or whatever the heck you are abundant in. “But money is hard.” Stop making it special. Put God as your goal and you can not fail. As you know there are tools and habits that can clear up a financial shit storm no matter how devastated it looks. But nothing will work if we don’t heal the mindset. We can struggle and worry till the cows come home. We can create a broken altar and genuflect every hour. However, nothing will shift till be seek first connection with our Divine. Once that connection is made, turn your financial struggles over to your higher power.

I am also a big believer in the practice of tithing. Tithing is a small demonstration of a faith that believes in the reciprocal laws of love. What you give returns to you. But don’t trust me, try it out for a month and expect miracles.

Finally, Keep up your spiritual maintenance plan by looking at your progress every day and affirm that this is just the beginning, you are in the process of healing.

Stay consistent with these suggestions and you will be lead to tools, solutions, and practices that will bring you to healing. God is not invested in your struggle.

Remember your healing is not just for yourself, but for all those that you serve. You got this! That’s my mad ramble, sister!

Peace & prosperity,

Love Maur

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