Upcoming Classes & Events

See below for upcoming classes.  Visit our Calendar page for more events.

The Artist Way

 Starting Monday April 1st

@ 5:30pmPT | 6:30pmMT | 7:30pm – 9pmCT | 8:30pmET

 Wherever you are in life, if you are feeling stuck or uninspired this is the course for you! The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is the seminal book on the subject of creativity, created as a gift to the world from the author’s journey to sobriety.  

The class begins on Monday April 1st and completes on June 24th.  We will take 13 weeks to go through this amazing workbook that will get you flowing in the direction of your higher creativity.

Sacred Movement 

Monday~Friday Yoga 
@ 5:30am PT | 6:30am MT | 7:30am CT | 8:30am ET | 1:30pm Ireland
            Feel more balanced in your mind, body and spirit and experience a greater connection to your inner knowing through movement.  Duration: 30 minutes.

Death Cafe

3rd Tuesday of the month

A Death Cafe is a monthly gathering for the purpose of talking about death over food and drink, usually tea and cake. The goal of these nonprofit groups is to educate and help others become more familiar with the end of life. Hosted by Kate Miller.

Introducing The Work

Byron Katie’s Work is an easy, practical method for releasing resentment, fear, and judgment.  We gather every 1st Saturday of the month and it is led by Rev. Elizabeth Keats.  Register to receive Zoom details.

Culture Club

Deep conversations on race, bias, and unity.  We cover various books to expand and support the conversation. Our diverse group is open to all and led by Dr. Rev. Vionela Vaughn-Austin 

ACIM Text Study Group

We gather every Tuesdays to study the Text of A Course in Miracles in community.  Join us for meditation, prayer, miracles, and the willingness to dive deeper into the study of the Text. Led by Sherry Ransom. 

Tucked In with Our Divine

This is an opportunity to quietly close the day in gratitude with a gentle reminder of the ACIM lesson of the day. And finally an invitation to the Divine Mother to tuck us in for peaceful sleep.  Led by Jeanne LaPorte.  Duration: 15-20 minutes

Sacred Sanctuary 8:18

Gift yourself this contemplative practice of prayer & meditation for peace and forgiveness led by Jeanne La Porte.  This 20-minute practice honors The Divine Mother to help close out your day. We host various teachings to give you a buffet of wisdom and peace.

12-Steps to Miracles

Join us on Zoom for a weekly gathering where we dip into the concepts of 12-Steps and A Course in Miracles.  All are welcome.