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If you have ever enjoyed a Sunday Celebration Service, Youtube videos, if you have woken up to Sacred Movement, or benefited from our full calendar of classes and events, we invite you to please support our Community with your financial giving. Whether you can give $1 or $10000.  we receive your gift gratefully!

SpeakEasy is a community of people who hold a curious and compassionate view of all theologies and philosophies. A Community that values and celebrates diversity and understands that no one is left out of the grand and generous embrace of God. Our mission continues to be in hosting conversations where all voices are heard and welcomed. For the past five years, we have been doing just that.

Now more than ever this type of conversation is needed in our world. There is another way of living with the diverse tapestry of mankind. It is our passion and purpose to be an example of honoring all paths to God. Not only have we held the common ground for all faiths but in the past four years, we have supported The Wellness House, Beds-Plus, The David Lynch Foundation, Prison Ministries, The Dog District, and The Leader Shop.

We are a community that leans forward, lends a hand, and believes in miracles.  Thank you for your support in helping us be the change.  We appreciate any degree of support and have full faith that your contributions in love will be returned multiplied abundantly.

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Maureen Muldoon and the SpeakEasy Board

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a spiritual community

We are devoted to the Divine Mother and A Course in Miracles. We honor all paths to God, and ask that you don’t leave your beliefs, brains, or background at the door.