Who We Are

SpeakEasy is a diverse progressive spiritual community of open-minded individuals sharing a message of love, and engaging in conversations that promote well-being, personal and spiritual growth. We don’t have all the answers but believe that they exist between us. We honor all paths to God and believe that the Divine, no matter what you choose to call it, exists in all things. We know that by the very nature of who and whose you are that you are designed for greatness. You are fully equipped to fulfill your greatest yet to be for the highest good of all. We believe in the ever-abundant nature of love and the individual’s ability to tap into the abundance of good through a dedication to spiritual practice and creativity.

our leadership

Maureen Muldoon

Spiritual Director

Maureen Muldoon, the Spiritual Vixen, is a vivacious visionary, spiritual Pied Piper and spirited storyteller who is transforming the way people think of church. A celebrated and sought after spiritual counselor, international and renowned spiritual teacher, inspirational speaker, community leader and minister. She combines her comic timing and irreverent ways honed during her two decades as a Hollywood actress with 20 years of training in A Course in Miracles, spiritual psychology, and new thought teachings. Showing you how to tap into your own impeccable inner guidance to create a life that is good, beautiful, holy and of service to a higher purpose.

She prays like a pope, swears like a pirate, and lives an authentic and unapologetic life with her trophy husband and four children in the Chicago area.

our amazing board and staff

Jeanne LaPort

Board President, Prayer Practitioner & Teacher of ACIM

Jeanne aka GiGi sees service as walking prayer, and she Loves to pray! She has had a connection with children since a young age, perhaps from being the second of eight children. 
She retired as a Psych nurse working with children with a variety of cognitive and behavioral issues.  She now enjoys being a grandmother after surviving raising 3 children. Happy to say, they also survived!

Maritere Rodriguez D'Alessio

Director of Education and Communication

Mari is the Owner/Teacher/Meditation Therapist at B D’Light Wellness
She has studied at Bradley University, and received her 200-hour YTT at Surya Chandra Healing Yoga School
She grew up in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico where she attended Academia Maria Reina and Colegio Nuestra Señora de Belén
Mari is a teacher of A Course in Miracles, the mother of two amazing kids, and an exceptional wife (Just ask her husband Chuck).

Regina Verdico

Prosperity Preistess

Regina is an award-winning marketing professional with a gift for relationship building and a passion for helping businesses grow.

Regina has extensive experience in diverse marketing mediums and specializes in social media, media planning, database/direct marketing, public relations, sales promotions, and visual merchandising.

She lends her creative, innovative, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking leadership to every endeavor she pursues. She continues to use these skills to grow small businesses and give business leaders a voice on social media.

Bella Beth Gordon

Board Member & Prayer Practitioner

Beth Gordon is a warrior, wise woman, fiercely committed to women stepping into their full power and embodying the Feminine Divine at every age and stage of life.  She has spent 35 years helping people restore their bodies to full power as a physical therapist and as a yoga instructor.

She is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and a teacher of A Course in Miracles assisting individuals to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  This Prayer Ninja speaks truth with power and laser-like precision. She is here to do her part in assisting you to your greatest life as a fully empowered woman. 

America Beltran-Castagnola

America has been a course student since 2012 and practices ACIM principles as a leader in education, working collaboratively with staff, students, and parents to help build a community of learning. As a certified instructor, she likes to lead laughter yoga, knowing that laughter is always the best medicine. America is looking forward to being of service in this spiritual community.

Mary Keenan

Mary took early retirement from life as a medical doctor with an interest in women’s health and corporate governance. She now lives in the West of Ireland and is an evolving artist and musician.

Beth Delany

Beth is a retired critical care nurse who enjoyed every single moment in that career. She now helps with the care of her 95-year-old young dad. She has been a grateful member of SpeakEasy Community since 2021.

Joni Strickfaden

Joni is our Zoom Technical Director and hostess with the mostess.

member spotlightS


What brought you to SpeakEasy? The funny, loving, brilliant redhead from New Jersey who facilitates our Miracles Live 365 calls with honesty, kindness and wisdom.
I love how she interprets the Course so it is understandable. One of her messages, as I hear it, is, it is okay to be Spirit, and it’s okay to be human.

Coming regularly to SpeakEasy helped connect me to my true self, and that is, that I am the Light of the World. (I didn’t feel that way when I first started coming 5 years ago). Feeling safe to be and share my real self has made for a life that’s more open, light-hearted, less judgmental, and peaceful.

My Spiritual Superpower is an unconditional love and care that I feel for everyone no matter what. It is a love that “perceives no differences”.

libby Keats

What brought you to SpeakEasy? My ACIM study group–which was mostly men–would mention this firecracker named Maureen Muldoon. One Sunday, I keyed the address into my gps, drove a million miles, and discovered one of the most delightful people I’ve ever known. Her spirituality is matched only by her beauty, kindness, and humor. I was hooked.

How has it made your life better doing what you do? Beginning each week immersed in Maureen’s energy and vibrant, practical words, in the company of the warm Speakeasy family, and being an active participant and teacher on the Miracles Live 365 calls each morning–It’s changed every aspect of my life for the better.

What is your spiritual superpower? Finding the people and places where Spirit is lurking, just waiting to give me a warm, enlightening hug.


What brought you to SpeakEasy? God brought me to SpeakEasy after years of seeking alternative spirituality.

How has it made your life better doing what you do? Joy comes from within and the teachings at SpeakEasy.

What is your spiritual superpower? Sampson’s power came from the hair on his head, mine comes from my mustache. Additionally, chanting mantras and praying keeps me in fellowship with the Great Spirit.