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Sacred Movement

Sacred Movement is a sacred practice of giving life through movement. Sacred Movement blossomed in the spirit of giving and from extensions of one another. Maureen was doing a series on chakras, and Regina began to include her yoga chakra classes once a week. We encountered a great response, and from there chose to sit and envision what this movement could be. It was beautiful. We began to invite other teachers, and now we have 6 instructors (and counting) who offer free yoga, karate, dance, and qigong 5 days a week in both the morning and afternoons. Sign up for all of our classes here



Meet Our Teachers

Amber Rose Wiese

Yoga on Tuesdays 5:30amPT/7:30amCT/8:30amET

Tapping & Qigong on Mondays 2:30pmPT/4:30pmCT/5:30pmET

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Amber is the owner and founder of Amber All Natural; a heart-centered holistic healing source focusing on women’s well-being. She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Registered Yoga teacher and Flight Attendant. Amber started practicing yoga in 2003 and became a certified instructor in 2020.  She is living in Valparaiso, Indiana with her Fiancé Kyle. In her free time you can find her practicing yoga, cooking, reading, learning to garden, and traveling as much as possible.  

America Castagnola

Laughing Yoga

America Castagnola has always enjoyed a room full of laughter. After attending her first laughter yoga class she was hooked and later became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. 

Professionally she works in education at an elementary school. Where children’s laughter and joy is plentiful. 

Personally she resides in a suburb of Los Angeles with her husband and two young adult children. In addition, she is a student of ACIM and loves the journey of finding peace in forgiveness. Her life motto is “Peace, love and joyous laughter.”

Amy Anderson

Karate on Wednesdays 5:30amPT/7:30amCT/8:30amET

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In 2002 Amy started a journey to three black belts in karate. Training with her children– she fell in love with the beauty, mindfulness and strength this art provided. Amy received her first black belt in 2006, after 4 years of rigorous training, followed by a second black belt, achieved in 2008, in the style of Ishinryu Karate(meaning “All of One Heart” in Japanese). Amy began training in Shotokan Karate and attained her third degree black belt in 2009.

Trained as an official for Karate Canada, Amy eventually became fully licensed at the Canadian National level and attended several Pan-American Championships, working towards her International Officials license.  Amy is certified as a Level 2 Coach with the National Coaching Certification Program having  learned all aspects of Sports Coaching in Karate.

Kate Solis Silva

Dance on Fridays at 5:30amPT/7:30amCT/8:30amET

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Kate Solis Silva has been in love with movement and dance for as long as she can remember. She’s studied several different styles over the years and knows that whatever the form, connecting to her body and to movement is her bliss.

Professionally, Kate is a Certified Professional Coach supporting professionals in their personal and career growth. She works with individuals and groups seeking to form new relationships with work that empower their well-being, authentic selves, and full lives.

Personally, Kate resides in Chicago’s NW suburbs with her husband and senior kitty. In addition to dance, she’s a student of spirituality, a seeker of new experiences through travel near and far, finds her serenity by the water, and thinks tortilla chips make any meal better.

Billie Schaub

Yoga on Thursdays 5:30amPT/7:30amCT/8:30amET

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Billie is a yoga teacher, marketer, and daughter to the one and only Spiritual Vixen. She started teaching at age 17 and now works as the Marketing Projects Manager for the app and website, Yoga International. Billie is an award winning writer as well as a singer/songwriter. She lives her best life in Colorado, teaches vinyasa and yin, and in her free time, she loves to hike, lift weights and ski!

Regina Catherine Verdico

Yoga on Mondays 5:30amPT/7:30amCT/8:30amET

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An accomplished 500 hour RYT Yoga Professional and Meditation Teacher, with a gift for bringing peace to the moment and a passion for helping people connect with themselves, Regina has experience in guiding the masses in meditation and yoga through a diverse selection of mindfulness tools and an expanded viewpoint of how to tune into themselves at a deeper level.

She has studied and practiced a broad range of yoga meditation. A free spirit, Regina incorporates meditation into her daily routine, is immersed in the study of A Course in Miracles, is an avid chef of vegetarian cuisine and is passionate about animals. She is also ecochic, making eco-friendly choices both personally and professionally that give back to the community and world.


Hear First-Hand From Our Students How Sacred Movement Has Brought Light Into Their Lives…

What a blessing it is to awaken to Sacred Movement. Recognizing that Self Care is a Spiritual Practice, I honor the Divine within by taking care of my body in a loving way. I love being gently guided into all the practices Regina and her team offer. My body is grateful too.

Jeanne LaPorte


I am incredibly grateful for Sacred Movement yoga. 

The 30 minute session at the start of the day is perfect time/length.

The instructors are outstanding! They do an excellent job creating new and unique practice each day/week. It’s obvious to me a great deal of thought and work goes into their planning.I truly appreciate all the positive energy and good vibes that radiate through the cyber world via-Zoom. The kindness, love and words of encouragement shared are the absolute best start to the day!”

Mary Ray

Nearly 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis, no cure. I was quickly given a pyramid of drugs including biologics and steroids that I often wondered which was worse. The medications have not been successful and I was at a great loss, as my body was deteriorating from the side effects of the drugs and disease. Over these years my health only declined, the joints in my body have become damaged and with much stiffness, it was difficult and often unsafe to exercise due to inflammation. 


I am in deep gratitude and awe of the Sacred Movement community. When Regina Verdico posted a live Facebook video about this group, she invited everyone, independent of their level of yoga, to participate on Zoom. She said, “You don’t even have to turn your camera on.” It was as if she handed me the key to open my heart that unlocked the power of healing. Regina’s pure kindness and unconditional love have helped me let go of fear and isolation. She provided a safe place for me to surrender and awaken myself to all the unlimited divine power within me. Each practitioner brings their own expertise and I have found them all to be very encouraging. The breathing techniques allow relaxation and openness to my own healing nature! I am on a journey to recoup my mental health and physical wellness.


 My experience with Sacred Movement has been life-changing. I am more mindful, and I am abundantly open to recoup my wellness. I am more self-confident about movement. This has become the self-love practice necessary to reclaim my mobility. This community is truly “love on the move”. I highly recommend Sacred Movement to anyone who is open to improving their mind, body, spiritual connection, and overall well-being while having fun! Thank you for inviting me to your tribe. I am overjoyed to be on a path of wellness.”

Deb Spedale-Lang

Before COVID-19 hit I was taking traditional classroom yoga and enjoyed it. I was drawn to it as a form of relaxation and introspection and had met Regina Verdico on my journey.  Her openness, kindness and willingness to answer any question I asked and provide insight to her journey got me hooked. I continued to take yoga classes virtually once the pandemic struck but the options continued to decrease and I was looking for something different.  Regina suggested SpeakEasy yoga classes.  I was initially not interested because in order to attend the 7:30 a.m. CST class, I’d have to set an alarm for the first time in a very long time. 

I resisted and Regina continued to occasionally send me an open invitation.

I was missing yoga (and Regina) and decided to try it one morning – but only if Regina was teaching.  Then I slowly opened up and decided to try a different

day/yogi and it turns out that I love them all.  They are all uniquely beautiful, accepting souls that I can’t wait to see every morning.  The feelings of love that they generate every morning are instilled in my day and I am always better for it.

I look forward to expanding my awareness and participation in all that SpeakEasy has to offer.

Corrine Procanin