Last night my iphone got stolen. I was going shopping for my Grammy outfit, had the kids, very distracted, left my phone plugged into the charger on the front seat, didn’t lock the car. Sometime later, done shopping and out to dinner, I noticed it was missing, tried to locate it using the find my phone app on Rachel’s phone and it was offline, confirming it had been swiped. After very quickly going through the stages of grief, I decided to accept that I could live without my phone, even though I am traveling to LA today for a big weekend and kind of need a phone. Rachel has a phone, I have some kind of insurance for my phone, not sure if it covers lost or stolen but I thought, I will either get a new phone or I will live without it. I just kept saying, “this is perfect.” (Or “just the t.i.p.” as we say at Spiritual Speakeasy.) Dinner over, got home and the iPad was alerting me my phone had been found. Since it was now in a different town I called the police on Rachel’s phone to report it stolen and that I knew the location. On the phone with the police, the other line rang, it was the voice of a sweet young girl who said she had just bought the phone from someone, turned it on and saw the notification that it was a lost phone. She was at the public library and said I could meet her there and she would give it back to me. She told me she had paid $200 for it, and wary that I was going to be scammed or jacked, I switched back to the other line and told the police where I was going. They told me to call when I was 5 minutes away and they would meet me there in case there was trouble. After considering that if the girl who called me was somehow involved in the theft and that police presence might spook her, we decided not to call the cops back if she would agree to meet us at the library front desk, in full public view and security cameras. When I arrived I saw she was very young and with her boyfriend, they were very sweet and kind, the boy looked me right in the eye and told me they bought the phone from some desperate guy and even though they lost $200 when they realized it was stolen, they knew returning it was the right thing to do. I thanked them profusely and blessed them, and left with chills and tears in my eyes, believing in the inherent goodness of people and that all things are truly possible!

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