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Maureen Muldoon, Founder & Spiritual Director
Maureen is a Spiritual Vixen with a sweet tooth for a good story. She is an ordained minister, licensed Spiritual Counselor, speaker, Creative Life Coach and Consultant. She is also the Creator of Voice Box Stories, Miracles Live 365, and Spiritual Vixen. She is a sought after speaker and spiritual teacher who’s message is optimistic, irreverently funny, and unapologetic.  Maureen has an unusually refreshing, poetic and delightful perspective on life that keeps her community coming back for more.  You can check out her mad rambles on any one of a number of internet, radio or TV outlets and be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel where she shares spiritual tools and inspirations.  


Cathy Richardson, Sunday Morning Rock Goddess 
Cathy Richardson is a rock goddess who happens to live in the neighborhood! , Founder & Spiritual Director
She has been enjoyed by millions of children of on Noggin‘s Jack’s Big Music Show,and the Cathy Richardson Band has been voted Best Local Band in polls by the Chicago Tribune and Fox News Chicago. She portrayed Janis Joplin in the original cast of the hit Off-Broadway musical “Love, Janis.” She has played with Big Brother and the Holding Company during many of their recent live shows. And was nominated for a Grammy award for best recording package for her album The Road to Bliss. In 2008, Richardson became the new vocalist for San Francisco band Jefferson Starship and appears on the 2008 releaseJefferson’s Tree of Liberty.[1]



Will Schaub, Lead of the Media Team
Will Schaub married to Maureen and is the head of SpeakEasy’s media team. He is awesome. That is all you need to know. AWESOME. Like seriously, SERIOUSLY awesome. However the story is still unfolding so check back here for updates and the possibility that he will submit his bio to the web guy (aka his wife… this should not be that hard)
Pam Peterson, Community Art-beat lead
Pam is the lead of Community Art-Beat and is also many colors and shades of awesome. She is currently painting a word picture of exactly what that means. Check back for updates… art can not be rushed.  
Jim Peterson, prosperity team
Jim goes all the way back to the days when the forerunner of SpeakEasy was called “Sanctuary” and was held in a yoga studio. Jim is a loving husband, father and grandfather, additionally, he recently became and ordained minister. He leads the Prosperity team and offers his skills in accounting and law. Jim is one of the founders of the Career Transition Boot Camp of La Grange and helps facilitate a five-week workshop on job skills. He is a WWII buff and scours the countryside in search of mementos. He lives in La Grange with his beautiful wife Pam and their two cats, Moose and Phin.



Carol Hamm, Welcome team
Carol Hamm lives with her inspiring husband in Glen Ellyn. She has worked in a customer focused position for all her life, both in the airline industry and in real estate. She lives her life with the belief that everyone has God-given gifts to share and she searches out conversations where she can learn something new. I am amazed at the goodness and synchronicities in the world that lead us all to our next perfect life lesson.” She feels honored and blessed to be part of this vibrant and growing community. She felt right at home after hearing Maureen Muldoon’s effervescent speaking style the very first time! She looks forward to helping you discover YOUR gifts.  

Dave Hamm, Marketing and media team
Dave has dedicated twenty-five years managing graphic arts companies, where he devoted his time as a teacher and mentor to bring out the best of people. Living in the Western suburbs of Glen Ellyn with his wonderful wife Carol of twenty years, Dave enjoys cooking and getting back to grass roots, where he builds hydroponic systems allowing him to grows herbs and vegetables all year long. His calm demeanor blends well with the SpeakEasy Board and community, where he engages all the teams and contributes his graphic design expertise in an effort to share the story of faith and love.   
Jim Mc Mahon, lead of Eating for light, Eating for Life,
Jim is the President/CEO of United Community Bancshares, Inc. (UCBI) the bank holding company for CenTrust Bank. He has held these poistions since approval by the OCC and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in January, 2012. Following these approvals, Mr. McMahon led the recapitalization of CenTrust in March, 2012 and continues leading the bank back to saticfactory regulatory ratings today. He was approved as Chief Lending Officer of CenTrust Bank by OCC in May or 2014.   He is presently a member of the Advisory Board of Graue Mill Partners, a private equity firm and the Quinlan Business School of Loyola University, Chicago. Mr. McMahon has been active on the Boards of Directors or Trustees of : Hinsdale Community Service- 1991- 1999, Hinsdale Central High School Foundation -1992-1998, Wellness House in Hinsdale since 1992 (past Chariman of the Board), Rotary Clib of Hinsdale since 1991 (past President 1994-95) He is a Hinsdale resident where he resides with his wife of 31 years, Cathy since 1196.


Joshua Payne, Sunday Morning Musician and lead of Get Lit.
Josh is the coolest kid on the block. The kind of guy you wish for in a best friend, the guy you hope marries your daughter. He is awesome at everything… except maybe getting his bio to the web guy. But even when that happens, you can’t be mad at him… Yep, he’s that cool. Plus he is kind to chickens apparently.  



Kieta Synnove, Get Lit Young Adult lead 
Kieta Synnove is a crystal toting, f-bomb dropping, spiritual rebel, intuitive healer, body relationship guide and founder of Immeasurable You. When she’s not sharing about fearless self love you can typically find her singing, writing, storytelling and/or hanging out with her wife, Alissia, and their menagerie of pets: Graceland (110 pound Newfoundland), Tebow (African Grey parrot), Aruba (Cockatoo), Lennon & McCartney (2 parrotlets, the smallest parrots in the world). Kieta sees the Speakeasy as a beautiful spiritual island of misfit toys where we can all find joy, purpose and connection falling even more in love with ourselves and each other through laughter, conversation and service.


Jim and Ei (1)
Eileen Redman, Welcome Team
Eileen lives in Glen Ellyn with her husband Ray of 30+ years. Together they have raised three wonderfully talented and solid young women. She currently assists a local entrepreneur with the day to day activities of his various businesses. Eileen and Ray were fortunate to live abroad for several years when their girls were young. It was during this time that she developed a keen interest in both cooking and entertaining. Once back home in the States, she put her skills to work chairing various events and clubs. Eileen looks forward to helping grow the Speakeasy community through flowers, food, and fun!!.

Ray Redman, Media, Marketing and Prosperity team
Ray resides in Glen Ellyn with Eileen, his loving wife of more than 30 years.  Together they have raised 3 talented and beautiful daughters. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Ray is a very active, early-riser who loves to bring a positive attitude to everything and everyone he meets. For recreation  Ray’s passion is golf, stating “you can learn a lot about someone in 4 hours on the golf course.”  Ray has spent his entire working life in marketing services – helping clients craft and distribute their brand communications. He assists the Speakeasy media & marketing team in its efforts to spread the message and grow our beautiful community.



Boonie Schultz
Financial advisor with Morgan Standley and major fan of the Four Agreements. Boonie lead a great conversation on how to live an impecable life.
Joe Wolfe
Teacher and minister of A Course In Miracles. Joe shared a powerful meditation for peace. You can contact Joe at www.spiritlightoutreach.org
Rev Mark Anthony Lord
Founde of Bodhi Spiritual Community in Chicago. Mark lead a lively conversation on forgiveness.
Rev Celeste Frazier
Writer, teacher, minister, Rev Celeste kicked off a great conversation on diversity.