SpeakEasy Spiritual Community - Love More Fear Less
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Welcome to SpeakEasy Spiritual Community. We are so glad that you found your way to our chapel of love. We honor all paths to God and ask that you don’t check your brains, beliefs or background at the door. We welcome questions and celebrate diversity. We are not affiliated with any organized church. We are not interested in creating another religion, we are interested in learning how to love more and fear less. We believe in the healing nature of creativity and laughter. Love is our religion, care is our currency and peace is our goal. We would love to have you join us Sunday morning where the conversation will be about Walking Majestically with God.  Click here to rsvp. Come and add your voice.

— Maureen Muldoon, Spiritual Director


This is your space to share. Everything is better in the Light (3)


Join us every Sunday morning at Immanuel Hall 302 S. Grant Street Hinsdale for our “Happy Hour”. Check out details for that and other monthly events by clicking here.  If you want to jump into the deep end, sign up for one of our Small Groups. We have A Course In Miracles Groups, Meditation, Movie nights, Storytelling,  Community Art-beat, Men’s group, Goddess gatherings, and more...CLICK HERE.

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Join a small group.

Small groups are great ways to get to know the community. We have a media team, healing tribe, community Art-beat, men’s group, music ministry and more. These are teams and groups that meet once a month to connect, share a meal and spiritual practice, a deeper conversation, and a common goal or interest.

Click here to set up a conversation with our team leader and get all your questions answered.

Sunday Service 10am
What to expect at our Sunday Service.

Every Sunday at Spiritual Speakeasy we host an inspired talk followed by a rich community conversation. We invite you to speak up, stand up, and inspire love. Spiritual Speakeasy is just the place to do that. Think of it as a Spiritual TedTalk that serves up soul food with no side of quilt. Hosted and Lead by spiritual practitioner and master teacher of A Course In Miracles, Maureen Muldoon and Musical Director, Cathy Richardson of Jefferson Starship.

We honor all paths to God including the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddhism, Eckart Tolle, Louise L. Hay, The Enneagram, and more. Through Meditation, Affirmative word, and Sacred Service together we will nurture and re-ignite us the Oneness of LOVE that dwells with us all.