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Tithing – A Spiritual Law of Prosperity

(Based on Rev. Edwene Gaines book “the four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity)

The truth is Prosperity is the consciousness of God’s presence everywhere.  And God wants you to be prosperous! Like many prosperity teachers, Edwene has determined that there are spiritual laws that govern our prosperity and that they are NOT optional.  Her Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity are:

1.      You must tithe 10 percent of all that you receive to the person, place, or institution where you have received your spiritual food. Putting god first in your finances is a dynamic act of courage. When you do so, your faith and your ability to stretch yourself, to move forward, and to expand your vision of yourself and your life increases a hundred-fold.

2. You must set clear-cut, tangible goals. Goal-setting is looking honestly at where you are, choosing where you want to be, and then setting a clear and deliberate intention to go there.  Doing so forces you to live consciously, in the moment, rather than unconsciously.

3. You must forgive everyone all the time, especially yourself. Forgiveness is a discipline and a powerful spiritual practice that will enable you to feel worthy enough to live prosperously.  It requires a diligence and a commitment to compassion and understanding.

4. You must seek, discover and follow your divine purpose. You must assign significance and meaning to your life, giving yourself strength and endurance and bringing joy to your existence on a daily basis. When you are aligned with your divine purpose, you bring a passion to all that you do.

The four spiritual laws are just as much a force in your life as is the law of gravity. They are very simple laws, but none of them are optional, and it does not matter if you believe in them or not.  They play a powerful role in your life regardless.

 Edwene addresses many of the common questions that come up for individuals in conjunction with tithing.

What is a tithe? The word tithe means a tenth.  To tithe is to return 10 percent of all we have already received to a person, place, or institution from which we have received spiritual food.

What is spiritual food? Spiritual food is that which inspires us, teaches us, reminds us of the Truth, and causes us to remember who we really are.  

What is the purpose of the tithe? The real purpose of the tithe is to acknowledge that God is the source of our good and that we are aware and grateful for the good in our lives. 

God does not need your money. You need to give because tithing is a beginning discipline in giving and receiving. When we tithe on that which we have already received, we give back to the universe, and when the universe gives back to us and more, we learn that we cannot outgive God.

Tithing is putting into action the principle of circulation. Both giving and receiving are essential to this principle.  You must receive in order to have something to give.  You must give in order to receive.  To prosper, you must do both.

Tithing is the first spiritual law of prosperity. It is participating in the circulation of God’s great good.  It is acknowledging God as our Source and Sustainer and allowing God’s good to flow through many channels.  As we receive we give back a portion to the place, institution or person from whom we are receiving spiritual food – inspiration, spiritual understanding, and Truth teachings.  As we give back to God in this way, we will realize the Truth that we have ever more to share.

Money is a convenient exchange of energy and necessary to the world we live in but it is not our Source or security.  We give thanks that God is the source of all our good and our true security and we honor our Source through our tithes and right actions.